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✨ It may be complicated to hear about the Korean in depth guide because they follows 10 steps beauty skincare make up routine. Everyday 8–10 steps of skincare routine might makes you feel oh this is too much, but when you used to it you will think it is necessary. It's not about having more products than you can count, but rather about having the right products that do the right things, and using them in the right order.

✨ If we are familiar with the k-beauty products, we might already know there are 8-10 steps in skincare routine. Making flawless beauty skin also need some routine. wearing skin products entirely depends upon your skin types. Korean skincare routine from early age is recommended for glass skin looks.

 Let me start first in the morning

✅ step 1 starts from cleansing  your face in the morning only by water, because korean concept of using only water at morning is you already deep clean your skin at night before sleeping. However, if you're acne-prone,  you should use cleanser formulated with salicylic acid.

✅ step 2 Add toner to your skin as your skin might be dehydrated and it helps to maintain ph levels of your skin which helps to bring your skin into balance. Toners based on alcohol usually tend to make your skin more drier. however korean concept of toning skin is to give hydration to the skin which  also helps skin to absorb other skincare products. Toners need to apply in dry and clean skin which is like a watery made light so that skin absorbs easily. korean products are usually not rubbed into skin they apply and pat with palms.

✅ Step 3 Essence which is the combination of serum and toner form which helps to hydrate skin with increasing the complexion. they are usually light like a toner which can be used like a toner by palms and pat them or if you get spray version you can spray them. however toner and essence is termed as similar as earlier we have told you already toner helps to skin keep hydration while essence helps to soften and brighten the skin with some active concentration.

✅ Step 4 Sheet Mask if you are in hurry, you can avoid this procedure but you can do it at night while cleansing procedure. sheet mask which helps to keep hydrated not cleansing purpose. As there are various sheet mask in different ingredients with different purpose you should choose one for hydration purpose according to your skin types.

✅ Step 5 Ampoule will help your skin when your skin needs additional care maintaining active ingredient  the skin complexions it can be used for limited time period.

✅ Step 6 Serums you might have used this nowadays it is more common practice for using this product it helps to hydrate a skin with fading the dark spots, Specific skin concerns, you can choose these among different ingredients but they works well. A serum has concentrated active ingredients that address a specific concern, like dullness, dark spots, fine lines.

✅ Step 7 Now comes eye cream it helps to hydrate the eye area skin. 

✅ Step 8 Moisturizer everyone has been applying many formulas and you might have already one with you of your favorite brands in your skincare routine. moisturizer should be chosen according to your skin types, oily skin types should apply water based lotion, you should always avoid oil based products.

Step 9 Now comes sunscreen products you are also used to this step for protecting your skin in daily basis. if you are using BB creme choose one which also have SPF.

✅Step 10 make up with light blush and natural looks are always preferred in Korean beauty. So make up colors are tend to be light in Korea.




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