Natural crystal roller or 3D jade roller whatever you named it. If you have not heard or seen and not used this natural stone roller first get some knowledge about it and include into your daily skincare routine.

History always follow you, in ancient days our ancestors used to use it for skin caring purpose only shape and designs were different, now we are using them with adding more modern tips and tricks. Design is made so small and handy size is made to cover face area, eye area.

This is not a normal stone it is precious stone when it comes to beauty. Not only are crystal rollers linked with the power of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, they can also help skin to deep breath by also reduce the appearance of puffiness, brighten skin, improve product absorption, and giving your face a good old look. All natural thing has a way to do it, always use this roller from chin to upward rolling on left side and repeat the same in right side, also forehead and neck. The smaller side is designed to give massage on eye area and nose area. Also, roll it under your chin and on your jaw line to relive and water weight that is stored there.

Addition way you can also place in fridge in summer to make your more relive from hot weather with some massage.

If your skin needs more attention use this twice per day for a month than you can see really different, give it a try for a good reason.

It is best suggested to use after removing make up, and before make up, after make up if you apply any serum or moisturizer you can use them together as it helps skin to absorb.

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