Launched in June 2019, Palpasa took the success of's proven e-commerce and technology platform to the next level, diversifying into beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, and quickly established itself as a unique and exciting shopping destination. We at Palpasa pride ourselves on our wide selection of quality products from premium brands from Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. Our selection offers everything from beauty and fashion products for women and men to home accessories and decorations.

With our meticulously selected collections and recommendations, we serve our customers around the world for every occasion or situation. Our commitment to quality and customers is always first.

Our promise

We want the best for our customers, so we are offering 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed in all your shopping experience with Palpasa.


If you do not receive your order within the estimated delivery time, please contact our Customer Service Team. Lost shipments will be resent to you without extra handling or shipping fees.

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