Safety tips for using Magnetic Eyelashes

Safety tips for using Magnetic Eyelashes


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What are magnetic lashes?

Magnetic eyelashesessentiallyworkby sandwiching your naturallashbetween two fakelasheswithmagneticstrips, which hold them in placethe wayglue normallywould.

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How long do magnetic lashes last?

They will actuallylastfor aslongas you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on thelashband, contorting and messing up thelash, which makes normallashesunusable after a few uses. Thelashand eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day).

Do magnetic lashes fall off?

As long as you take care of them,magnetic lasheswill last indefinitely with minimal care, unlike fakelashesthat use glue, which will need to be gently cleaned after each use if you want to wear them again.

Do you put mascara on before magnetic lashes?

Yes you need to put mascara before magnetic lashes. Unlike traditional strips,magnetic eyelashes canbe reused over and over again, but only ifyoukeep them makeup-free.

Can you swim with magnetic lashes?

As fun as going for a dip is,wehighly recommend thatyoudon't goswimmingor take a shower with your magnetic lashes. However, ifyou're a hot yoga type, like to go hiking or anything else that's active, it's no problem.


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Are They Safe?

The short answer appears to be yes. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Safety Tips

If you decide to go with magnetic lashes, keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t share magnetic lashes with other people.
  • Keep the box for your lashes clean and closed.
  • Don’t store your magnetic lashes in very hot places.
  • If your eyes become irritated, stop using the lashes.
  • Don’t use them if you have an infection or the skin around your eye is irritated. Throw away any lashes that you used at about the time you got the infection or irritation.
  •  Wash your hands before touching your eyelids.
  • Be careful not to touch or scratch your eyeball.
  • Don’t try to put your lashes on in a moving vehicle. Your hands may slip. That could cause injury or infection.
  • If you’re having an MRI, check with your doctor about whether it’s safe to wear your eyelashes that day.

"Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any sort of bad reaction to an eyelash-enhancing product, whether extensions, magnetic eyelashes, or eye drops."

Can you wear magnetic lashes through airport security?

As different airline companies have different rules, it's not suggested towearthemagnetic eyelashesto gothrough airport security.

How do you use magnetic eyelashes for beginners?

Step 1: Open your eye and place the bottomlash(red dot) underneath the toplash. Step 2: Push the bottomlashinto place, as close to thelashline as possible, and close your eye shut. Step 3: Place the upperlashon top of your naturallash, and it will connect to the bottomlash magneticin place.


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